Message: “I AM the Resurrection” from Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson - February 11, 2024

Bread of Life

During the biggest football game of the entire year many people gather around to watch the game together while enjoying good food. Many people gathered to hear Jesus teach and at some point they all got hungry and were miles from home. He was hosting the biggest speaking event that region had seen and now physical hunger got the best of everyone. Watch as Jesus takes this opportunity not only to surprise everyone with how he feeds them, but also what it all means–for them and for us today!

From Series: "Gospel of John"

Year after year one of the most searched-for questions on Google is “Who is Jesus?” Whether we know it or not all of our deepest longings point us to the person who lived 2,000 years ago in Israel. The Gospel of John invites us to “come and see” who this Jesus is and how he is the one in whom we find life.

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