Message: “Full On” from Carter Moss

Ocean Beach Content Team - March 20, 2022

Full On

Our social media obsessed society makes it easy to think that becoming a follower of somebody is as easy as the click of a button, a double tap on a picture, and catching their latest stories. In actuality, however, those things simply make us fans. Which then leads to a question: are we followers of Jesus, or simply His fans? Do we just think He was a cool guy who had some quotes that look good in our Instagram bio? Or do we truly want to put His teachings to action in our lives, modeling how we live after Him, and trying to become more and more like Him?

From Series: "Made for More"

The start of a new year is a natural time of reflection and planning for the future. What we often find as humans is that we like to dream big, but breaking out of our comfort zones can be easier said than done. We even find ourselves struggling to break out of our comfort zone when it comes to things God is calling us to. God reminds us that we are made for more - join us as we discover how to step into that!

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