Newbreak Kids, March 14-15, 2020

Loving Others

God says that loving others means making the first move.

Whether you need to be forgiven or whether you need to forgive, if something is wrong between you and someone else, you need to take a step to make things right. You might even say that choosing to make peace with others through forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can give God!

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Supplemental Resources

Pre-K Memory Verse Activity: Dollar Hop

What You Need: Paper cut in the size of dollars, floor tape

What You Do: Tape the Dollars in a pathway on the floor about a foot apart.

  • Invite your children to hop from dollar to dollar as they say the memory verse.
  • Repeat several times “Come and follow me,” Jesus said, Matthew 4:19.

What You Can Say (After the Activity): “Great job! Our memory verse tells us that Jesus wants us to follow Him. EVERYONE can follow Jesus! Who can you follow? I can follow Jesus!”

Elementary Memory Verse Activity: Memory Verse Steppin

What You Need: Paper, scissors, Bibles, markers, floor tape

What You Do:

  • Look up and review Colossians 3:13 together as a family.
  • Cut four pieces of paper in half to create eight cards.
  • Work together to write out three words of the verse on each card. (The last card won’t necessarily have three words, depending on the Bible translation you use.)
  • When you’re finished, spread them out on the floor in verse order.
  • Optional: Tape the cards to the floor.
  • Make sure the cards are far enough apart so you must take BIG steps to get from one set of words to the next.
  • Line up at one end of the verse cards.
  • Take turns stepping from one card to the next as you say the words of the verse aloud.

What You Can Say: “Our verse reminds us to forgive when we’re holding something against someone. Why is it better to forgive than to stay mad or try to prove that we’re right? (Pause for responses.)

When we take steps toward forgiveness, we have a better chance of fixing what’s broken. When you’re tempted to stay mad, ask God to help you choose to forgive instead. He will always help us take the first step to forgive others.”

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