Maintain the Website

If you follow these simple rules for how to maintain your website, then you will be able to effectively administrate your essential tasks. If you have any questions regarding the website, would like additional tutorials, or notice an issue, please contact web support.

While you may want only a select amount of your team creating, editing, and deleting content on the website, everyone who has access to the site will know how to do what they need to do online. This section will give them an overview of the website, the unique features within, as well as how to create custom content within the design parameters we have built.

If you want to learn how to add, edit, and publish content, then click the button and skip to the ongoing web maintenance content below.

SEO Tips and Tricks

There is not a ton of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) competition online in and around all five campuses. What we are seeing right now are large churches who pull in a large audience, and therefore have a significant amount of traffic that can overcome poor SEO systems. Our SEO is dialed down on our website, so all we need to do to outrank the competition is follow the rules and create content regularly.

Proper SEO

Within each page and post you will find a plugin called Yoast. This is a great plugin to help you get started writing SEO optimized content. Like many things, it is just a tool. You need to know your end objective when writing good content, so if you can identify a user's next right step and provide a framework for how they get there, then Yoast will keep you do a good job writing it with Google's metrics.

Title Header
Meta Descriptions
Using Links
Using Images

Keywords and Phrases

Like Yoast, without knowing where you want to take a user and the proper path of travel, keywords and key phrases fall flat. I want to give you some tips and tricks of the trade in order for you to rank relevant information according to your audience's search patterns.


Strictly speaking, a keyword means one single word. When the first search engines were launched, they had relatively simple algorithms and many users used single words for their searches. But search engines are constantly evolving and now they support large key phrases with 2 or more keywords. It is also much more convenient for users because now they can express their need more precisely and search engines provide them with more relevant results.

key differences

There will be things related directly to Newbreak Church, like names of staff members and ministries, but these are relative search terms. We want to pair relative search terms with specific keywords and key phrases related to things our users are searching for according to their specific context. If you can focus on the following search keywords and key phrases, then you can match and outrank your competition, thus elevating your content and creating a larger funnel for your users to come through and attend a weekend service or event.

  • This list is NOT a definitive guide. It is best practice that can be used for an evolving SEO web presence.
  • Focus on this list as you plan your content. Going too broad on a content strategy will give you too broad a result. We want a narrow focus.
  • There is a line between hyper niche and non-relevant. As you create content, stay within your context using your keywords and phrases, while allowing it broad enough for a more general audience.
  • Update content across all ratings-based websites like Google and Yelp. Then do the same for all social media channels and encourage your people to rate you online.

Google Data Studio

This Google Data Studio is a live dashboard of all things Its data will inform our decisions as how our website is operating and what we need to do in order to further optimize content for our audience.

Content Management

If you have gotten this far, then you need to understand that someone has given you the keys to the web development kingdom, and with it, their complete trust that you will do the right thing.

Catalyst Creative

If you are looking for insight into how to share content on social media or become better at SEO and reach a broader audience, then read these articles from our web support at Catalyst Church Creative.