Giving FAQ

How do I edit my giving?

If you haven’t given through our new platform or you need to edit your giving, you can log into Planning Center HERE.

Once logged in, you can view and edit your giving and update your payment method and account information.


How do I view my giving?

If you have only given through Planning Center , you can log into Planning Center HERE.

Once logged in, you can view and edit your giving and update your payment method and account information.


Will I receive a giving statement?

Yes, we provide giving statements quarterly if you have given during the period of the statement. Our ability to provide you with a statement is based on having your most up to date contact information.

What is Planning Center?

Planning Center is our giving platform that allows you to choose your campus and give a single gift, or schedule recurring giving using your checking account, debit, or credit card.



Is the Planning Center login I use to serve the same?

Yes, if you are scheduled through our Services app with Planing Center you can use that same email to login to give. 


What if I give through my InFellowship account?

In the summer of 2018, we began transitioning to Planning Center as our online giving vendor. In an effort to make the transition easier on our contributors we continued to allow access to InFellowship for a period of time. We would encourage you to set up an account through Planning Center using the link listed below. Setting up a Planning Center account will require providing your contact information and payment information as prompted. Please feel free to contact us at or during business hours at 858.576.0007 with any questions about giving through Planning Center.


How do I cancel my recurring giving inside of Fellowship One?

Click HERE to cancel recurring giving inside of Fellowship One. Then visit HERE to set it up with Planning Center 


Why when I give with a Credit or Debit Card does it show a processing fee?

Those fees are your credit/debit card companies processing fees. Newbreak Church in the past has covered those fees behind the scenes but now you have the option to cover them or have us cover them. 


How do I text to give?

Text to give is a simple and secure way to give, you can text any amount and NB(campuskey) to 84321


Will it ask for me to pick my church every time I text to give?

Nope! Just the initial setup requires that. If you change your phone number you will have to re-setup text-to-give.


Can I give to multiple things in one text?

Yes! For example you can text 5 to NBEC and 10 to KBEC they will automatically split and send to the correct funds.


How do I set up recurring giving?

You can set up recurring giving by filling out the card (generosity card) or by visiting and select frequency to set up your giving.


What about all of my giving information in my old account? Will I be able to view that?

Yes! Over the next couple months our team is transitioning all that information over and you will be able to view your giving history from past months/years. In the interim you will be receiving an email from us with your Giving Statement from Jan-June.