New to faith, new to Newbreak, or maybe even both? Discovering Your Pathway -- or DYP as we like to call it -- is designed to help you find and live out your purpose. Our hope is to equip you in your journey as a Christ-follower and help you find your place here at Newbreak.

Join our “Discovering Your Pathway” course and discover how vital your role is here at Newbreak Church

About Discovering Your Pathway

Everyone who attends this life group receives a copy of the DYP Course Curriculum, specifically designed to help people understand Newbreak's  mission of "connecting people with God through authentic relationships to serve communities". Organized around ten (10) main lessons, each week's content is broken down into five daily segments with scripture to read, a teaching to consider, and questions to answer. If you've never been through a DYP life group, we would love to have you join one.

DISC Behavior Assessment

DISC is an assessment tool designed to help you discover more about how God created you. By measuring how people actually behave in various life roles, DISC organizes an individual's preferences in four main areas: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness and helps us understand the degree to which we have a task-based or relationship-based approach to activities in our life.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

God has given each of us particular gifts and talents that we can use in serving one another and demonstrating God's love. The Apostle Paul describes some of these gifts in 1 Corinthians 12 and encourages us to learn how to use our gifts "for the common good" (1 Cor. 12:7). This assessment will help you identify some of your unique spiritual gifts.

Emotional Audit

Emotional Intelligence refers to our ability to identify and manage our emotions and is sometimes described as our Emotional Quotient ("EQ"). God created all of us to experience emotions, but sometimes, strong emotional responses can trigger behaviors and reactions we might not otherwise choose. The emotional audit is a fantastic tool that can help you learn how to navigate those strong emotions in the moment and get your brain back on track.

Assumption Ladder

Communicating with others -- whether in work teams, family systems, ministry environments, customer service realms, or even just in casual conversation with friends -- is a skill we can all develop and improve. A common communication challenge arises when we struggle to clearly convey exactly what we are thinking or feeling. The Assumption Ladder is a tool that will help you to break down some of the beliefs that drive your particular thoughts and feelings so you can more effectively communicate with others.

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