3 Ways to Express Affirmation to Others (But Especially Your Kids!)

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Has someone given you some affirmation today? Maybe a loved one reminded you that you are not taken for granted. Maybe a co-worker or supervisor credited your work. Affirmation feels good! And it should. Would you be opposed to receiving more affirmation? Probably not, even if you are shy about receiving it. That’s because you…

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The Hidden Surprise in the Story of Mary and Martha

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Luke 10:38-42 contains a famous narrative involving Jesus, Mary, and Martha. This story is often used to talk about priorities; usually saying something to the effect that we should not be distracted with tasks (like Martha) and miss out on being with Jesus (like Mary). While this is true, there is more to the story.…

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5 Insights on Relationships from the Past Two Years

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Happy is a man who finds wisdom and who acquires understanding. (Proverbs 3:13, CSB) It’s all over Proverbs: wisdom makes life better and also makes you better at life! At Newbreak, we believe wisdom comes in part from curating great content. One thing we have invested a considerable amount of time to these last two…

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The Relationship Conference Resources

Thank you for joining us at The Relationship Conference 2021. We hope that you were inspired, encouraged and acquired some tools to further enrich your relationships. Although the conference may be over, our heart is to come alongside and provide additional resources to help you grow in your relationships. Check out some of the resources…

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What It Means to “Honor” One Another

four people sitting on wooden stair

Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Take the lead in honoring one another. (Romans 12:10, CSB) Most of us are interested in the idea of “honoring one another”—it sounds like a great idea! But what does that even mean? The Greek word for the noun “honor” is timē (pronounced tim-aye) appears 41x in…

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Leading Your Home Around Personalized, Christ-Centered Values

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Have you ever taken some time to consider what values your home is built around? If not, no worries. This might be a great family activity to try! But first, let’s talk about where the Bible speaks to this. 4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all…

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Eden Was Just the Beginning of God’s Plan

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Have you ever heard someone talk about the garden of Eden as being “perfect”? While this has some truth to it, if Eden was truly “perfect” then it could, in no way ever be improved upon. Is that true? Actually no! Eden was “good” as God said seven times in Genesis 1. However, that does…

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Collaborating Together Despite Our Differences

One thing we could learn from the most recent impeachment trial is that America is more divided than ever. We have come to accept that votes on a variety of issues will simply fall along party lines. We wonder if people really focus on the individual positions or policies. Every topic seems to be polarizing.…

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Jesus’ Advice on Resolving Conflict

Two deers tangling antlers, representing the ways we are resolving conflict in a healthy way.

How are we resolving conflict in a healthy way? Pop quiz: What is inevitable in all relationships that last? Conflict. Conflict can make relationships stronger or destroy them in one fell swoop. And so it is not a matter of avoiding conflict, but our manner of addressing it. We will need to muster up the…

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Better Communication At Home

“Message sent isn’t message received.” Perhaps you’ve heard this idea expressed in the context of improving communication skills or resolving conflict. Did you know this also can apply to the Bible? The original languages of the Bible are Hebrew, Greek and even Aramaic. Because of that, we may read a Scripture in English but the…

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