Hungering For God’s Justice

people in black shirts and black shorts sitting on bench during daytime

Hungering For God’s Justice One word we have been hearing quite often in many different areas is justice. It’s a word and topic that God is incredibly passionate about as well. So, what did Jesus mean when He delivered the fourth beatitude? Join Pastor Isaac Roberts and Pastor Carter Moss as they dive a bit…

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Blessed Are The Meek

black butterfly on woman's palm

Blessed Are The Meek Meekness is not an attribute we hear about very often, and as such, we tend to have misconceptions about it. Meekness is not weakness, but rather gentleness and power that is under control. So, what was Jesus trying to get us to understand when he said, “Blessed are the meek, for…

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Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

man in black long sleeve shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn We are definitely not strangers to hardship and grieving, especially after the last year and a half with the local, national, and global issues that have impacted each of us. Knowing that, we would never look at our loved one and say, “I’m so happy you’re hurting,” but that is…

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Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

silhouette of woman near shoreline

Blessed are the poor in spirit. It’s not just the title of this episode, but the first of eight beatitudes, a section of Scripture that many of us memorized as we grew up. But we tend to have an aversion to the word “poor.” It is the opposite of what we strive to be and…

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How To Fight For Unity

persons right foot on white wall

How to Fight for Unity When we look at the goings on in our country, and the world for that matter, unity seems to be an unattainable goal. There are also a lot of misconceptions surrounding unity and what it actually entails. Listen in as Pastor Isaac Roberts sits down with Pastor Jared Johnson to…

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How To Find and Build A Support System

man and woman sitting on sand near bonfire during daytime

How To Find and Build A Support System We are continually talking about the fact that God created us for community. When we say that, there are a few categories of relationship that we are referring to. Join Pastor Isaac Roberts and Pastor Markus Witherspoon as they dive into the importance of a mentor, what…

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How to Champion Others

two women hands up standing beside body of water

How to Champion Others Relationships are such an integral part of life, and communication is one of the most important pieces of those relationships. We don’t always go about communication well, but there are tools we can lean into that can help us. Join Pastor Isaac Roberts as he sits down with Pastor Carter Moss…

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